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As Specific As Your Application

We offer large displays for every application, tailored to your requirements and the specific situation on site:

In any case, you get products that keep you up-to-date with all relevant information.
For the multi-line displays, you can also choose between different font sizes, which can furthermore be combined. This provides you with the optimum display size for every reading distance.

Recommended Font Sizes by Reading Distance

Distance Font Height Equates to...
up to 25 Meters 50 mm (2") 1 Line
up to 50 Meters 100 mm (4") 2 Lines
up to 75 Meters 150 mm (6") 3 Lines
up to 100 Meters 200 mm (8") 4 Lines


Base Specifications For All Displays

  • Character height 50 to 200 mm, software switchable
  • Free software for parameterization and transmission of ASCII texts
  • International character set (8 languages)
  • Message display also as ticker
  • Half life of LEDs: 100,000 hours
  • Devices for ceiling, wall and base mounting
  • Power supply 110 to 230 VAC

Our Device Series At a Glance


Specs UNIVERSAL Large Displays (entire line)

These displays are likely to be the first choice for most 'standard' applications. Embedded in an aluminum housing with protection class IP54, they are available from 1-line with single-color red LEDs to 4-line with 3-color LEDs and up to 40 characters per line. >> More



Specs iNTELLIGENT Large Displays (entire line)

iMarquee - the first large display that talks to your PLC! Texts and values ​​are stored with a simple programming tool in the large display itself. The display automatically has access to all relevant registers and I/Os of the assigned PLC system so that no changes to the PLC program itself are necessary. >> More



Specs OUTDOOR Large Displays (entire line)

You need displays for outdoor use, in IP65 and with especially high luminance? Then you should take a closer look at our OUTDOOR line. Equipped with all the advantages of our UNIVERSAL series, these displays run at a minimum ambient temperature of -20 ° C and are thus ideally suited for outdoor applications. >> More


4.   HEAVY METAL Specs HEAVYMETAL Large Displays upon request

Here is something for the very tough use cases: Our premium displays 'Heavy Metal'. Made of cold-rolled steel, painted gray or in stainless steel, matt brushed in 2mm thickness and with protection class IP65 all around. Equipped with the same 'smart features' as our iMarquee, they are ideal for wherever the going gets tough!



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