Investment Protection For Mature Installations
Although lifetime of machines and plants are counted in decades, the built-in control and operating equipment is out-dated much earlier or is showing signs of wear like malfunctions or system failures until then. However, in most cases the mechanical condition is still satisfactory, making a total replacement not justifiable. The decision is then towards a renewal of the most important electric/electronic components, like e.g. touch monitors or touch PCs.

Such retrofitting projects will run very smoothly, if the new technology integrates seamlessly in existing structures. The less cut-out dimensions need to be changed and the smaller the effort for adaptations of the peripheral equipment, the better will be the bottom line.

Just in Case: UTICOR
For these instances, we offer cost-effective solutions to you: Products that match perfectly and bring your machine or plant again to the State of the Art. Made from industrial-graded modules according to your demands and quickly on the spot! No 'Made in Somewhere' but 'Made in Germany' in a quality, you have the right to expect under this designation.

And since we know, that assets' lifecycles sometimes exceed even the boldest expectations, you may get replacement products according to the original plans after many years in operation.

Surely Advantageous
The benefits of plant modernisation with UTICOR at a glance:


What You Want What We Offer
  • Ideal adjustment to your demands
  • Mounting dimensions, brackets and bezels according to your specifications
  • Long lifetime period
  • Deployment of fail-safe, industrial-graded components
  • Detailed mapping of your application environment
  • Integration of supplementary components (RFID reader, emergency stop button, W-Lan etc.) possible
  • Usage of your company logo and your corporate colours
  • Powder coating of the units in any colour of choice and logo application upon demand
  • Rugged quality for high durability
  • Industry proofed construction of the units
  • Fast implementation of your requirements
  • Prototype development in Germany
  • Cost-effective realisation of projects with smaller quantities
  • Customization starting with lot size 1
  • No delays during project phase
  • Long-term test of every unit before delivery
  • Rapid handling of repairs
  • Own repair service in Germany
  • Long-term product availability
  • Subsequent deliveries of single devices also after project completion


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