After the office environment, virtualization is also entering production. With the centralization of the IT infrastructure and administration, considerable efficiency gains can be achieved for the individual company. The benefits are in detail:

  • The resources are pooled centrally, thus can either be used at full load or distributed. At the same time, the performance requirements in the frontend are reduced to a minimum.

  • UTICOR's virtual clients are designed as a read-only system. Confidential data stays where it belongs; additional virus protection is not necessary.

  • Central data storage reduces the backup effort and the risk of data loss.

  • Additional or more powerful programs no longer require a client upgrade. The life cycles of hardware and software are thus decoupled, the effective life span of Virtual Clients increases and is significantly higher than that of conventional Panel PCs.

  • The identical configuration and central, automated administration of the Virtual Clients allows the immediate replacement of defective devices ('hot swap') without any data loss and without the necessity to book IT specialists for this sake.

  • Lower performance requirements in the frontend and better use of resources in the backend also lead to a noticeably lower energy consumption. That's not unimportant: After all, electricity has been the fastest growing IT spend in recent years.

  • And last but not least, easy access and the intensive evaluation of data from the most diverse areas in the course of Industry 4.0 are of central importance. With the use of virtualization in your own production you will make considerable progress along the way to digitalize your value chain.

So there are a lot of reasons not to wait any longer with virtualization in the production area - especially if this step has already been taken in your office IT. For this, you need experienced system partners who work with you to develop the most suitable solution and are also capable to provide design and implementation of the system roll-out. Please contact us if we can assist you in finding a partner.

Finally, with our Virtual Clients, we offer you tailor-made, slim and rugged front-end systems 'Made in Germany' in stainless steel and IP65, which are made for the harsh industrial environment.


Customized Automation - Just Right For You!

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