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EZTouch-mini.PLC - A complete touch HMI with PLC "for free"!
The brand EZAutomation stands for reliable automation products with high functionality at an unbeatable price point. Hence, this powerful, all-in-one bundle is always the right solution, if you are looking for an easy-to-use product with everything you need on board, but also have to keep an eye on costs. You have the choice: The EZTouch-mini.PLC is available as 4" and 6" versions.
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• 5.7" or 3.5" TFT Color Touchscreens
• Built-in Image Library (4000+ Symbols)
• Advanced Alarm Messages & Screens
• Email & Text Message Alerts
• Trending Graphs
• Data logging
• Up to 999 User designed screens
• Patented Online Edit of HMI (No Machine Downtime, Edit on the Fly)
• Optional: Ethernet Port for Remote Access and connectivity to PLCs, AC Drives, or 3rd party devices
• Dual Driver Support to simultaneously interface with Major Brand PLCs or AC Drives (Allen Bradley, ABB, Omron, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Automation Direct etc.) 

• Total I/O: 27 points. 12 DC Inputs (250 KHz Quadrature Encoder input configurable), 8 DC Sourcing Outputs, 4 Relay Outputs, 2 Analog In (0-10V), 1 Analog Out (0-10V)
• Auto-tuned PID
• Advanced Math Function Blocks
• Recipe Editing
• Date, Time and Event Based Control • Advaced Ladder Logic Instruction Set
• Quadrature Input for High Speed Counter up to 250 KHz


>> Touch PLC with 3.5" TFT Color Touchscreen
EZ-T4C-MINIPLC-E >> Touch PLC with 3.5" TFT Color Touchscreen & Ethernet
EZ-T6C-MINIPLC  >> Touch PLC with 5.7" TFT Color Touchscreen
EZ-T6C-MINIPLC-E >> Touch PLC with 5.7" TFT Color Touchscreen & Ethernet

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Reliable easy-to-use Touch-PLC with high functionality from our brand EZAutomation at an unbeatable price point. PLUS: The programming software for free!

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Technical Specifications 

Type EZ-T4C-mini-PLC EZ-T6C-mini-PLC
EZTouch Mini PLC Spezifikationen DE+EN html 9284fa629556dcd2 EZTouch Mini PLC Spezifikationen DE+EN html 923b95eb54536eb7
Description 3.5" Color HMI
Incl. PLC
6" Color HMI
Incl. PLC
Display Type 3.5" TFT
128 Colors
5.7" TFT
65000 Colors
Touch Screen Analog Resistive Touch Screen (8 x 6 Cells)
Resolution 320 x 240 px
Brightness/Life 400 cd/ 75.000 hours (even at extreme operating temperature)
Screen Saver Yes (Backlight off)
# of Screens Up to 999 (only limited by memory)
Real Time Clock/Cal. Built-In, Lithium coin cell battery with 5 year life expectancy, with a low battery indicator
Total In-/Outputs 12 digital inputs, 8 dig. Outp., 4 relais outp., 2 analog inp., 1 analog outp.
Digital Inputs 4 configurable Sinking or Sourcing electrially isolated inputs, 8 Sourcing inputs (3 inputs configurable for a Counter Quadrature input with A, B, and RST signals up to 250 Khz)
Digital Outputs 8 Sourcing Outputs (50 V, 500mA per output, Short Circuit Proof with Fly Back Diodes and Overload Protection)
Relay Outputs 4 Relay Outputs (1 Form C Relays rated at 5 Amps each with RC Snubber Protection)
Analog I/Os 2 Analog In (0-10V), 1 Analog Out (0-10V) - 12 bit Resolution (0 to 4095)
# of PLC Register Non-volatile registers/Bits: 8192 (16Bit), Registers: 256, S-bits: 128
Typical Cycle Time 3ms (1k Boolean)
Agency Approvals UL, CUL, CE
Communication Ports RS232
Ethernet optional
Operating Temperature 0 ~ +60° C (32 ~ +140° F)
Protection Class IP65 (front)
Power Consumption Backlight ON: 12 Watts (24 VDC)
Storage Temperature -25 ~ +65° C (-13 ~ +149° F)
Relative Humidity 10 ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Electrical Noise NEMA ICS 2-230 showering arc ANSI C37.90a-1974 SWC Level C Chattering Relay Test
Withstand Voltage 1000 VDC (1 Min.), between power supply input terminal and protect. ground (FG)
Insulation Resistance Over 20 MΩ, between power supply input terminal and protective ground (FG)
Vibration 5 to 55 Hz 2G for 2 hours in X, Y und Z axes
Shock 10G for under 12 ms in X, Y and Z axes
Dimensions 129 x 104 x 45 mm 204 x 156 x 65 mm
Weight 0.9 kg 1.1 kg
Technical Data Subject to Change 
Mechanical Dimensions


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