We are always amazed at how long our customers use UTICOR products. Seriously, we sometimes receive requests to repair equipment that we did not even know existed. Now we are making a special offer to all 'long-term users'.

Recently, we checked and found that we have been building monitors and Panel PCs for 15 years! Of course, the question arises, what has become of the devices of the first hour? Have all of them already gone the way of all things earthly or are there any living specimens? Dinosaurs, so to speak, who are still working tirelessly in their day-to-day work?

Do you still have such a 'living fossil' in your facilities that still works, but in which attention to detail and luminosity have noticeably suffered over the years? Then we will make you an offer:

For each functional, at least 10 year old UTICOR productive unit (Panel PC, monitor or workstation) that you send back to us, we grant a 'Dinosaur Discount' of 20% when buying a new unit! With that you can see clearly again and have reliable, efficient technology that gives you full clarity for many years!

Also not uninteresting: Cut-out dimension and bolt spacing are identical to your previous unit of the the same display size.

Since 1976, UTICOR Automation stands for robust, customized solutions in the field of Control, Operation and Monitoring. We offer Panel PCs, Monitors and Virtual Clients as a built-in solution or in a separate housing. In addition, we stock a wide range of PLC systems, Box PCs, HMIs, large displays and other automation technology.

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