This is likely to interest OEMs/machine manufacturers in particular: The new EZ12 HMI line is not only easy to program and assemble, it can also be customized with your own logo and start screen.

For this purpose, an insert for your company, division or machine label is provided in the front frame. The logo or designation is thus protected after installation and invariably safe in the device.

Furthermore, not only in the project itself, but also in the power-up screen, your logo or that of your customer can be integrated. This makes each device even more individual and strengthens your brand in addition.

But also assembly has been made even easier and faster, because the mounting screws are now integrated with swiveling brackets directly in the device. This means that the EZ12 can be securely fastened in the control cabinet or control panel in seconds, without losing anything or having to painstakingly search for it. 

All points, that predestine these HMI devices especially for OEMs/machine manufacturers.

The EZ12 series is available in 4 sizes from 6 to 10 inches screen diagonal.

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